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Do we install parts that you bring?

The answer is NO for the following reasons:Over the decades, we have invested a lot of energy in diagnostic equipment and the training of our technicians! You can search on the Internet or ask a friend, but it is not nearly sure that this is actually the right solution. If unfamiliar noises, strange resonances or error lights accompany the use of the vehicle, it is always better to entrust the diagnosis to an experienced mechanic. The diagnosis provided by professionals is guaranteed to be accurate and contain clear information on which parts to replace or which procedures to perform.If we install a part purchased by the customer and it later malfunctions or causes direct damage, in certain cases our company may be held legally responsible.Therefore, it is logical and expected that the workshop should not install parts whose performance or quality cannot be guaranteed.When they ask us to install the car parts you bought, they practically ask us to take legal and financial risks, which could endanger the future of our business and the livelihood of our colleagues, because you can save a few forints this way.It is unfair to blame the business for not wanting to take this risk!

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