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How long will the solution take? How much will the parts cost?

These are the questions we CANNOT answer in advance!

since a motor vehicle is a complex structure consisting of thousands of parts, we do not have an exact answer before the condition assessment! In our opinion, guessing, estimating and counting do not belong to the concepts of responsible trading,

Even as a professional workshop, it is not unusual for us to receive bad parts from an auto parts store. Sometimes the part was mislabeled or the auto parts store mixed up the order.

The situation can become even more complicated if a particular car model has undergone a design change in the middle of a model year, which means that you need to know this information in order to order the correct parts. It's very frustrating to have to send back parts and wait for the right ones to come back, so repairs take longer.

Therefore, we answer such and similar questions only on the go, using the previously agreed contact details, keeping the customer informed.

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